Tallinn University of Technology

A green promenade will soon be built in Mustamäe to link two adjacent campuses: Tehnopol and the University of Technology.

Rohepromenaadi visioon

The authors of the winning project ‘Microgrid’ are Alvin Järving, Ott Alver, Mari Rass, Luisa Maria Männilaan, Lill Volmer, Katariina Mustasaar, and Lisett Eist from Arhitekt Must OÜ.

The winning project ties different public spaces into a coherent whole with a clear identity – the buildings and functions surrounding the promenade will be seamlessly connected in the future, providing an opportunity to increase collaboration between the two organisations.

Tiit Land, Rector of TalTech, said that the promenade will bring together people and ideas. He adds: ‘The university wishes and hopes for more life and movement of people on the campus. University students and students of the future state high school are particularly welcome.’

According to Indrek Orav, CEO of the science and business park Tehnopol, the promenade will allow people working and living nearby to enjoy what the test campus has to offer. ‘World-changing technologies and innovative solutions are constantly being tested on the Tehnopol district, which will be even more easily accessible in the future to anyone interested thanks to the attractive promenade,’ Orav said.

The new promenade matches the Nordic modernist architecture of the Mustamäe university campus, and the connection will also offer solutions for the local micro-production of energy. For example, the winning project for the design of the promenade proposes creating a smart self-sufficient energy grid.

A total of six entries were submitted for the competition with a prize fund of 30,000 euros. The assessment criteria of the jury included integrity and suitability for the environment, freshness and modernity, functionality, and the economy of the construction.

Merilin Jusilo, Joosep Pärn, Jaan Tiidemann, Jarmo Vaik, and Grete Veskiväli (joint team of Ninja Stuudio OÜ and Punktiir OÜ) won the second place with their work ‘Järgmine peatus’ (Next stop). Rutt Piir and Teele Aaslaid from Roadplan OÜ won the third place with their work ‘Pabertänav’ (Paper street).

All entries for the green promenade will be displayed in the glass gallery connecting the TalTech library and the Faculty of Economics until the end of the year.