Tallinn University of Technology

Hanno Tomberg, an experienced executive, will join Tallinn University of Technology in order to carry the TalTech Open University to Europe. 

Hanno Tomberg 2

According to Hendrik Voll, the vice-rector for academic affairs, the collaboration of TalTech in the EuroTeQ project has increased the need for TalTech Open University to be more visible within the EuroTeQ partners. Voll also added: " In addition to degree studies, the EuroTeQ partner universities will also to set the stage to open studies and continuing studies. Knowing the experience of Hanno Tomberg, I have the confidence of facing this big challenge." 

"TalTech is the leading university for engineering and technical sciences with the goal of schooling the best specialists for the future. This can happen during the degree studies, however the Open University's continuing and degree studies are becoming more and more important as well. The biggest nordic companies, such as Volvo and Nokia, think it is very important to re-school half of their employees in the next few years in order to catch up with the skills needed with the ever evolving technologies. The same need to do so will arrive in Estonia once we increase the use of A.I and renewable energy sources. TalTech needs to be ready for that challenge and create, in cooperation with the employers and professional associations, the schooling programmes needed." Said Hanno Tomberg. 

Hanno Tomberg is a skilled top executive who has experience in higher education, entrepreneurship and  media organizations.