Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology should be proud of our growing reputation and fame. Growing particularly among a cohort that is very important for the university – young people making their university and educational choices, but also those young people who are choosing where to acquire their second or third degree. 

Surveys show what Estonian young people see as the university’s strengths, which are rational like the quality of learning and teaching as well as research, but also emotional agreeableness. These are all on the increase.

I suppose this is one of the key factors for young people, do I like the institution where I would like to study or does it leave me indifferent. This is where we demonstrate nice and strong progress. 

One thing that makes TalTech truly different and stand out is that we have so many high-level artistic collectives: choirs, dance groups and orchestras. And secondly, we have very high-level sports, even at the highest competition level. We have all participated in and shared these experiences together and I think this makes TalTech a very unique university for studying, working and returning to as alumni. 

Estonia, thanks to its small size, speediness and strong initiative has every chance of becoming a global success story. And I think that TalTech today, at the end of this development period and in the future shall be a super-awesome university of the digital future, leading the way for the rest of the world.