Tallinn University of Technology

Horizon 2020 project "Individual Behaviour and Economic Performance: Methodological Challenges and Institutional Context" (IBEP; project leader Aaro Hazak; funding 900,000 EUR) grant agreement was signed yesterday.

The project is led by Tallinn University of Technology in collaboration with internationally leading counterparts Aalto University, University of Helsinki and Tel Aviv University, and aims at generating a better understanding of linkages between individual behaviour and economic performance. Economic outcomes of prevalent individual differences in cognitive capacity and neurophysiology as well as in beliefs and preferences warrant further investigation. Moreover, better designed economic policy and institutions, which take into account that people are different and their wellbeing responds differently to any given policy measures, leads to better utilisation of human capital endowment and enhanced economic performance. The project is a joint effort of economics, finance, practical philosophy and neuroscience scholars, where several internationally highly renowned professors work under a comprehensive set of networking and capacity building activities together with established and early stage researchers in a stimulating multidisciplinary setting. Several joint doctoral courses and seminars, conferences, summer schools and supervising/advising activities are scheduled in 2020-2023.

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