Tallinn University of Technology

The inauguration ceremony of the Dean of the School of Business and Governance, Mari Avarmaa, took place in the Main Building auditorium on June 20th. The new dean has already been fulfilling duties since March. However, the formal swearing-in ceremony took place in June because it is a tradition at the university for the inauguration to occur at the first upcoming formal academic event. In this case, it coincided with the graduation of the master's students from the School of Business and Governance.

Mari Avarmaa
Mari Avarmaa

At the ceremony, Rector Tiit Land also expressed gratitude to former Dean Enn Listra for his contribution to the long-term leadership of the School of Business and Governance. He introduced the new dean to the entire audience and presented her with the insignia of office. Mari Avarmaa delivered her first speech as the dean, expressing her belief that the fresh master's degree holders will find their way back to TalTech, either as students or as active alumni. She emphasized that the Estonian state and economy greatly need these enthusiastic promoters for sustainable development.

During the ceremony, diplomas were ceremoniously awarded to 175 graduates of the School of Business and Governance.