Tallinn University of Technology

The admission of new students to TalTech began on the 1st of January. As of today, 897 people have started filling or have already submitted their application for I and II level study programs. 561 of these applications are by Estonians and 336 by foreigners. There is a total of 496 qualifying applications (277 by Estonians, 219 by foreigners).

By level, there are more applications for I level programs – 476 (376 by Estonians, 100 by foreigners). There is a total of 421 applications for master's studies (185 by Estonians and 236 by foreigners).

By now, a total of 206 applicants (32 Estonians and 174 foreigners) have already been offered a spot, 165 of them (14 Estonians and 151 foreigners) have confirmed their attendance. Foreign applicants who have been offered a spot have been waiting for one since the last admission period when they couldn't begin their studies in the fall due to the epidemic.

The first period of admissions tests for Estonians is in the first week of February. Once candidates have completed the admissions test with a positive result, they can be confident that there is a spot at TalTech waiting for them in the fall.