Tallinn University of Technology

This summer, passangers can ride the autonomous vehicle Iseauto developed by TalTech and AuVe Tech in the area of Tallinn Airport and Ülemiste City. Testing of Iseauto will also begin in Lamia, Greece.

"While in Tallinn Iseauto is operating in Nordic climatic conditions, in Greece we will also be testing our Estonian Iseauto in the high-temperature Lamias," said Raivo Sell, Project Manager at Iseauto. He explained that TalTech with a consortium received a grant of EUR 740,000 from the FABULOS international project to solve connection problems in the Tallinn Airport area and in Lamia, Greece. In Tallinn, the role of Iseauto is to improve the connection to the airport and to integrate into the existing urban transport system.

Picture of TalTech's self-driving car "ISEAUTO".

In Estonia, Iseauto has been tested so far both at the TalTech campus and at Tallinn Zoo. Now the guests of Tallinn and the residents of Ülemiste City can try the new vehicle of the future.

The Mobile Civitatem Consortium building and testing Iseauto is comprising four Estonian partners: Modern Mobility, Tallinn University of Technology, AuVeTech and Fleet Complete.

FABULOS is a three-step pre-commercial procurement (PCP) project that aims to deliver a proof-of-concept for automated last-mile public transport as part of the existing transport system. Two other consortia beside the Estonian-one will pilot autonomous buses as part of existing public transport systems, and the fleets of three buses each will be piloted in Gjesdal, Helmond, Helsinki, Lamia and Tallinn between April and October 2020.

The Project is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki.