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In this episode we are talking about brand new one-year study programme Maritime Digital Solutions with Maritime competitiveness project manager at Estonian Transport Administration Helena Rattus and shipagent Krister Orgusaar.

Merenduse digitaliseerimine

Krister is, in fact, also the first student of the new program: „I have never been so excited to go back to the school. For me it is so new and so refreshing.“

„Everything is going to IT, it is not a secret. The question is who is coming on board and who is not,“ he continues.

Maritime Digital Solutions helps to improve knowledge and skills on the possibilities and trends of the digitalisation in the maritime sector and work in a digitising environment, planning sustainable and environmentally friendly strategies. It is the only programme in Maritime Academy that is fully taught in English.

„If we talk about future, then optimization and digitalization are the key. You need to know about IT and maritime, if you work in maritime field,“ says Helena.

„There is a big field in maritime that needs to be improved in IT knowledge but also working behind the scenes to understand how to develop them,“ she adds.

The two graduates of Maritime Academy continue to share their personal experience and excitement about the new program throughout the whole episode.

Listen why to come study Maritime Digital Solutions in Estonia, how can it benefit you and the Maritime industry in general.

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