Tallinn University of Technology

Johannes Kadak (Calidity, Qminder) won the final of KüberNaaskli on August 18. Rao Zvorovski (UT) was in second place and Mikk Margus Möll (TalTech) was third.

Johannes Kadak, KüberNaaskel

In August, the preliminary and main round of the CyberNaaskli competition took place, which culminated on 18 August with measurements in various cyber security tasks.

According to Birgy Lorenz, the organizer of the competition by TalTech, Johannes Kadak, a 24-year-old entrepreneur from Tartu and the captain of Team Estonia in the European Cyber Security Challenge, has been chosen as the coach of the European team at the ENISA World Cyber Defense Youth Competition.

In the competition organized by Cybexer Technologies, the competitor disguised himself as a technical specialist, who had to face an unknown enemy. During the competition, cyber attacks against various organizations in the City of Blueberry were solved.

76 young people from the younger age group, 26 parents and 4 residents participated in the preliminary round of the competition. In addition, representatives of Ireland, Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg (13) took part in the preliminary round, who also learned how Estonian competitions are conducted. 54 invitees participated in the main round of the competition.