Tallinn University of Technology

The president of the Estonian Association of Engineers presented the Technical Student of the Year 2021 award to doctoral student of Tallinn University of Technology Karolina Kudelina on Thursday, 2 December, at the Estonian Society for Electrical Power Engineering specialty day hosted at the Tallinn University of Technology.

Karolina Kudelina
Karolina Kudelina. Foto: Erakogu

“Karolina Kudelina has been a remarkable student ever since she started her bachelor’s studies in 2015; by now she has already completed her first year of doctoral studies. During this short period of time, she has published 20 research articles, exceeding several times the total volume required for the completion of doctoral studies. In addition, she has done praiseworthy work as a workshop teacher at the Young Engineer Programme and as an organiser of workshops for schoolchildren to ensure the new generation of engineers required for the green transition, furthermore, she has also appeared on television and radio,” stated Leo Rummel, the president of the Estonian Association of Engineers, entrepreneur, authorised thermal power engineer and energy efficiency expert, explaining the selection of the winner.

Karolina Kudelina graduated from the Narva-Jõesuu upper secondary school with a gold medal in 2015. Following this, she continued her studies at the Tallinn University of Technology where she received her bachelor’s degree in electrical power engineering in 2018, master’s degree in energy conversion and control systems in 2020, and is currently studying for a PhD in electrical power engineering and mechatronics. In 2020, she started working at the Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics, initially as an engineer and, later in 2020, as a doctoral student and junior researcher.

In her master’s thesis, she researched the opportunities for identifying and reducing the faults of brushless DC motors used in robots, electric cars, and electric scooters, all of which are closely linked to the green transition. However, in her doctoral thesis, she has widened the scope of her research even further, including wind turbines, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing.

The Technical Student of the Year title has been awarded since 2007.

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