Tallinn University of Technology

Knovel representative Gill Brailsford introduces new ways of using and sharing online resources on Knovel and how to integrate the resources to Moodle courses on 30 March at 15.00.

Knoveli seminar

Knovel is a cloud-based platform that helps to solve different problems in the fields of applied and engineering sciences. The easy-to-use application enables to search from multidisciplinary databases, including e-books. The system recognises the language of engineering and finds the necessary data from interactive tables, graphs, equations etc. It can handle scale conversion and enables to make the required calculations based on the found materials. The system allows exporting data to other environments and programs, e.g. to Excel and MathCAD.

Students, researchers and academic staff in the field of engineering are especially welcome. Come and learn the tips on how to integrate the possibilities of Knovel into web-based engineering studies to improve your teaching or learning process.

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