Tallinn University of Technology

25 teams, 130+ participants, and a multitude of fans – the beach volleyball stage of the Rector'’ Cup organised by the Alumni Association was one of the most successful and exciting events of this year, that came with plenty of sports, happy people, and a great party. The 5-hour competition culminated in the victory of the team of alumni of TalTech called Kuumad (Vahur Sikaste, Imre Soorand, Andrei Melnik, and Ülle Olli)

Rector Land’s team Võrkpall Tuleb Koju (Senior Specialist of Cooperation and Admissions Keiu Org, Rector Tiit Land, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Hendrik Voll, Dean of the School of Engineering Fjodor Sergejev, Head of Monitoring Helen Tamm, and the Head of Open University Hanno Tomberg) also entered the tournament to reminisce about their youth and came 17th after a fierce competition.

(vasakul) esiplaanil rektor Tiit Land, õppeprorektor Hendrik Voll ja inseneriteaduskonna dekaan Fjodor Sergejev

In the finals, the team of alumni met with a student team Hanitarid (Sten Buldas, Markus Soodla, Robin Liiv, Kerttu Karu), with whom they played long and even games. The decisive third game started at 1–1, where the game, played to 11 points, was finally won 18–17 by our spectacular alumni. In the final match, an interesting fact was discovered – the alumni team Kuumad consisted of three former mechanical engineering students and one former IT student, and the student team Hanitarid consisted of three current students of mechanical engineering, and... Yes, you guessed it, an IT student! Whether you call it a coincidence or an elegant joke of the gods of higher education, but the match clearly reeked of symbolism.

Another team of alumni, Triin Team, placed third (Triin Junson, Ragnar Kalde, Peeter Rõbrakov, Marek Kesküll, Rauno Kuus).

The final matches were followed by an awesome retro beach party at Beach House Ülemiste where the guests danced and competed in limbo until the early hours of the morning.


Results of the Rector's Cup Volleyball:

1. Kuumad
2. Hanitarid
3. Triin Team
4. Rannailm
5.-8. Terase Teisipäev
5.-8. Beach Bitches
5.-8. Vk Isehakanud
5.-8. Tipp ja Täpp
9. ÜE Kiisud
10. Tempo
11. Emera Võrgukarud
12. Teadusklubi
13. Malibu
14. Fs Tiim Tallinn
15. Benakanister
16. Emera Bossid
17. Võrkpall tuleb koju (rektor)
18. Juulikuu päevitajad
19. Emera Profid
20. Lada Niva
21. Lauajalad
22. Normaalsed Sägad
23. Anti Depresant
24. Looduselapsed
25. Liivakasti kuningad