Tallinn University of Technology

Interview with Vladislav Rusinov, student of law bachelor´s programme at TalTech.

Vladislav Rusinov

Why did you decide to study law in Estonia and why at TalTech?

I am from St Petersburg, which is very close to Estonia. I heard good feedback from people who were satisfied with their studies at TalTech. It´s a progressive university and it offered studies in the field that I like. For me, it was a simple choice. I study international law because the cultural exchange is fascinating for me. Our professors are all lawyers with practical experience and give insights into lawyer’s profession. They all come from different countries with different domestic legal systems, which makes studies even more fascinating.

By the way, half of my secondary school classmates have come to study here at TalTech and everyone is pleased with the quality of education.

How do you feel in Estonia? What is different from home?

I feel very welcome. The atmosphere is calm and Estonians are friendly and polite people. I have never faced any problems. Tallinn is a lovely city, a small and progressive city. There is a Scandinavian vibe here that I enjoy. I like that everything is digitalized in Estonia - it makes life a lot easier. You don´t have to leave your home to prepare or sign your documents. Digital society is a gift!

What is the student life at TalTech like?

There are many extracurricular activities:  you can join associations, different intellectual clubs and participate in an active university life. Before the pandemic student life was very vibrant.

The university also has a big, modern and quiet library – a good place for studying.

What competencies have you advanced the most during your studies?

I believe I have developed my teamwork skills the most. We work in small groups and we need to find common ground with people from all over the world: Estonians, Finnish, Americans, Japanese, Germans, French etc. Our faculty members are also from different cultural backgrounds: Germany, India, North-America and of course from Estonia as well.

My time management skills have advanced a lot – I work, study and have an internship at the same time, so I need to plan my time well.

What are your course mates like?

Most students on our course are from Finland. Everyone is very kind and helpful. We used to explore the city together but now we use a group chat to keep in touch. I hope that soon we can meet in person again. We are a small group of students, some 35 people, so our professors have enough time for us.

Which field of law attracts you the most?

Our law studies are specialized in IT, business and technology, just like the entire university. We study for example international intellectual property law, international business law, IT and law, cybersecurity and law. I am most interested in law and technology and cybersecurity.

What would be your recommendations for others who wish to apply to TalTech?

If you like to study in English and in an international environment, work in an international company in the future, you should apply here. You will learn everything you need to know about the law and receive input from different legal systems.

I also recommend taking advantage of the Erasmus+ programme. I studied in Salzburg, Austria and I consider it a very valuable experience.

Learn more about the programme: taltech.ee/en/law-ba