Tallinn University of Technology

Starting from September 1, the library offers its readers a chance to study and work 24/7 again.

We moved our study room into a more spacious location, between the cloakroom and the cafeteria on the 1st floor of the library building.

The room LIB-103 can be accessed by TalTech staff and students with a valid TalTech ISIC-, ITIC-, or staff card. When the library’s and university’s doors are closed for the night, you can enter the building through the door next to the revolving door with the same card you use for getting in to the study room.

The 24/7 study room enables to study independently or with a group even after the library is closed and classes have ended. Taking your borrowed books with you, it is possible to make use of the library space at all times and efficiently access all scientific databases that are provided by the university library. The study room expands the possibilities of individual and group studies and lets the users arrange meetings, workshops, consultations etc. conveniently.

The room hosts four computers with high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, four monitors for connecting your laptop, and a Print In City copying and printing device. The areas intended for group study can be rearranged easily with the available portable furniture. A separate smaller space is designed for working together with up to ten people. The 100 m2 large 24/7 study room can be used simultaneously by up to 40 people.

We will improve the room’s decor and will continue adjusting the room to meet the needs of our visitors.

Study all day and night!

More information: Maris Nool, phone 620 3572, maris.nool@taltech.ee

24/7 study room
24/7 õpituba
24/7 õpituba