Tallinn University of Technology

After hearing the opinion of the Council of the School of Business and Governance,  Rector Tiit Land decided to appoint Mari Avarmaa,  the previous Director of the Department of Business Administration, as the Dean of the School of Business and Governance.

Mari Avarmaa
Mari Avarmaa

Until now, Mari Avarmaa has also lectured on financial management and management accounting at the School. Her research topics focus on the development of fintech companies and the financing of non-financial companies.

Mari Avarmaa thanked everyone for their trust, support, and good thoughts. "I look forward to continued cooperation and would like to thank the current Dean, Enn Listra, who has stood up for the School of Business and Governance over the years and will pass it on to me as a strong unit," Avarmaa said.

The term of office of the new Dean started on 9 March 2023.