Tallinn University of Technology

On 3 June, Estonia’s best marketers were celebrated and Marketing Act of the Year 2020 awards were handed out at the marketing conference Password. The panel of judges crowned TalTech’s 2020/2021 student admission campaign ‘Think Big’ as the winning public sector project.

Anne Muldme ja Diana Aljas Passwordil 2021

At the conference, the award was accepted and the winning project was presented by Brand Manager of the Tallinn University of Technology Diana Aljas. In her presentation, she noted that while organising a campaign during the year of the coronavirus pandemic was challenging, the university was prepared for the challenge and, in collaboration with partner agencies Tank and Mindshare, was able to make the situation work for itself: ‘Since it was unreasonable to use traditional offline channels, we had to opt for digital formats, which were actually highly suitable for the university’s target group.’ Aljas asserted that instead of being left unable to reach potential applicants, this allowed the university to find new and clever ways to communicate with them.

Anne Muldme, head of the marketing and communications office of TalTech, observed that the university has also managed to put the experience gained last year to use in 2021. ‘TalTech contributes greatly to the development of sustainable digital technologies through both its research and teaching activities, and it is only natural that our marketing campaigns carry the same values that we celebrate in the daily operations of our university: we are a forward-looking university and we make the most of the opportunities offered by digital platforms. It is a huge compliment to us that even experts in the field take notice of TalTech’s campaigns and recognise both our success and modernity. Above all, however, we are grateful for the desire of so many talented young Estonians to study at TalTech,’ Muldme added.

Diana Aljas Passwordil 2021

The panel of judges of the Marketing Act of the Year 2020 competition consisted of Annika Arras (Miltton New Nordics), Britte Maidra (Dentsu Estonia), Kristjan Seema (Coop Pank), Mailis Timmi (Havas Communication/Havas Creative), Sander Maasik (Ekspress Meedia), Tarmo Pärjala (G4S), Liis Laisaar (Holin), Liia Pjatakova (Bolt Food), and Kätrin Maidra (Initiative).

The aim of the Marketing Act of the Year competition is to recognise the value of marketing in enterprise and to demonstrate that well-organised marketing activities drive business growth.

Photos: Password 2021, Raul Mee