Tallinn University of Technology

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences elected Mart Saarma, Professor of Biotechnology at the University of Helsinki and Council member of Tallinn University of Technology, as its foreign member. "This is a very high recognition," says Rector Tiit Land.

Mart Saarma

Saarma has been a member of the Council of Tallinn University of Technology since 2015. In isr recent video address to the members of the University, he stated that although Tallinn University of Technology is not among the top 100 or two hundred in the world, it is at the top compared to Eastern European technical universities. "Secondly, the quality of research has improved significantly and continuously over the last ten years," said Saarma.

Mart Saarma was born on June 29, 1949. He graduated from the University of Tartu as a biochemist, since 1987 he has been a doctor of biology, since 1990 a Member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. For almost a quarter of a century, Mart Saarma's work has also been associated with Tallinn University of Technology.