Tallinn University of Technology

12 November 2013 was a crucial date in the promotion of innovation in Estonia. It was on this day that Mektory, the largest innovation and entrepreneurship centre in the region, was opened.

Mektory maja

Mektory is a 4,450 m2 innovation and entrepreneurship centre at the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) that combines academic knowledge, research, and entrepreneurship as a meeting place for TalTech’s students, researchers, companies, and alumni.

The acronym for Mektory is derived from the phrase ‘Modern Estonian Knowledge Transfer Organization for You’. Tea Varrak and Alar Kolk were the driving force behind Mektory’s inspirational initiatives, as they set out to create an environment within the university where one can solve practical product development problems and generate forward-looking ideas. This is exactly what has been done in the last six years.

Facts about Mektory

  • 50,000 visitors per year
  • 103 partner companies
  • 5 embassy representation rooms (British, Chinese, Japanese, Finnish, American)
  • 5 start-up offices (Timey, Fusion Pedal, Linergy, E-Tervis, Wooch)
  • 15 auditoriums and 6 laboratories
  • Demo area
  • Student cooperation area
  • School of Technology (camps, events, trainings, etc. for schoolchildren)
  • Technology Transfer Centre (collaboration with companies, IoT)
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship (start-ups and various hackathons)
  • EducationUSA Advising Centre (learning and self-development opportunities in America)
  • Conference centre (organisation of various conferences)
  • ISEAUTO garage
  • Satellite programme (Koit is missing and Hämarik will be launched in March 2020)
  • Mektory’s beehives
  • 7 units with 34 employees

In its sixth year, Mektory underwent a number of internal and external changes that will further enhance business cooperation and innovation in the future.

Mektory celebrates its birthday with friends and colleagues on 2 December at noon.