Tallinn University of Technology

Estonia and its capital represent an ideal place for education.

Mikheil Skhiereli

We have interviewed our alumni to get insight into how they have applied the acquired skills and what type of work they do now. Mikheil Skhiereli from Georgia holds a master's degree in technology governance from the Tallinn University of Technology´s School of Business and Governance.

What do you do today and what/which event attracted you to your current job?

Currently, I am an Associate Consultant in Governance, Innovation, and Investment Policy at Policy and Management Consulting Group, a leading consulting company in Georgia and the Region. I have been working for PMCG for 5 years. I applied for a vacancy after leaving the public sector of Georgia and became a member of the PMCG team.

Why did you decide in favour of studying in Estonia?

There were several reasons:

  • The overall progress of Estonia since independence
  • Competitive education system of Estonia
  • The attractiveness of Tallinn University of Technology, one of the leading educational establishments in Central and Eastern Europe

Which study programme did you study, and why did you pick this one?

Technology Governance, which offers an interesting mix of courses such as economic development, public administration, innovation policy, industrial policy. These are the disciplines very important for Georgia’s modernization, so I decided to apply.

What do you think is the strength of this field in today's labour market? 

There is a constant reformulation of industrial and innovation policies that should respond to global, regional, and local development trajectories and address developmental challenges. This is a core strength of the Technology Governance Master’s Program.

Could you recall any sweet memories or funny situations from your university time?

Estonia and its capital represent an ideal place for education. The whole period spent in the country represents a sweet memory.

Looking back at your studies, what would you ask the university to do differently to become even better?

Just keep going and retain leadership in the high education industry.