Tallinn University of Technology

2937 students confirmed their arrival to Tallinn University of Technology this autumn which is 456 more than last year.

The most popular 1st cycle curricula were similar to previous years: IT Systems Administration, Business along with building design and construction management. At the same time, interest in hardware development, programming and applied physics has had a significant growth.  

The most popular master’s programs were Analysis and Design of Information Systems, Marketing and Management and Business IT.  

291 entrants graduated their high school studies with medals- 155 with gold and 136 with a silver medal.

Due to spread of COVID-19, TalTech made a difficult decision this summer to not accept new students from high-risk 3rd countries of COVID-19 and offering them the possibility to join us next year. As a result, 160 new foreign students started their studies in TalTech this autumn.