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In the fall of 2021, a survey was conducted among the students of the TalTech, in which the interest in the revival of the legendary Rector's Cup was investigated and which competitions could be included in it. The most requested competition was, as expected, beer pong. Our dear northern neighbors from Hartwall have come to help with the organization of the competition on 23.02, which means that instead of beer, the tournament will be played with Finnish champagne - "longero".

Longero Pong
Photo: I. Radic, 2019

Founded in 1836, Hartwall is one of the leaders in the beverage industry. Hartwall's wide product portfolio includes such well-known names as Rockstar, Gatorade, Vichy, Novelle, Ginger Joe, Jaffa and, of course, Original Gin Long Drink. Hartwall's "longero" continues to be blended from real gin. Inspired by the success of Hartwall's long drink, competitors have tried to make copies, but they generally use fermented apple juice rather than real gin for the sake of a lower price. Of course, this does not achieve the same quality - for example, in Finland, the market share of Hartwall Original Long Drink in its category is still over 80%.

Hartwalli "lonkero" sündis Helsingi olümpial

Hartwall Original Long Drink was originally developed for the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland to lighten the burden of the bar staff when Helsinki received visitors from all around the world. The original intent was to only produce the beverage during the Olympics, but as the beverage grew popular the customers demanded that its production should be continued even after the Olympics. At the same time a new beverage category for long drinks was born in Finland, colloquially called "lonkero", "longero" in Estonian (from the words "long drink", literally meaning "tentacle" in Finnish). There originally were two flavours: Gin Long Drink made from gin and grapefruit lemonade and Brandy Long Drink made from brandy and Pommac.

Old school longero
1950's Hartwall "Lonkero" bottle

Hartwall presents: Rector's Cup Longero Pong


  • The Longero Pong tournament, which is part of the TalTech Rector's Cup, will be played on February 23 at 4:00 p.m. in the TalTech Student House.


  • The Longero Pong tournament team must consist of two members.
  • There are no other restrictions, which means that two men, two women or even mixed teams can take part.

PS! To earn competition points for the Rector's Cup, the team must consist of persons from the same faculty.


Registration page can be found HERE

  • Up to 128 teams (256 total participants) can enter the Rector's Cup Longero Pong tournament
  • It is possible to register both by pre-registration online and on the spot on the day of the competition. Pre-registered teams will be allowed to compete in priority order. Pre-registration lasts until 22.02 23:59.
  • All faculties are guaranteed at least 5 spots upon pre-registration.
  • If the pre-registered team has not shown up by 16:00 at the latest, the place will be given to the team standing in line on the spot.


  • All teams are placed in a playoff "bracket" at the beginning of the tournament by lottery, with double elimination (lower-bracket) (except in situations where the number of participating teams is low enough to hold group stages  as well).
  • PS! Lower bracket games are to be played with teams' own drinks (3 cups, 3 minutes, 1 can of drink per game)
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors decides the starting team
  • At the beginning of the game, both teams have 6 cups
  • 10 minutes to play
  • The organizers will provide 2 cans of Hartwall's Gin Long-Drink for each team, for each game
  • The three best teams will be awarded

The exact rules of Hartwall presents: Rector's Cup Longero Pong can be found HERE

Have any questions? Please contact - tom.luoma-aho@taltech.ee, 56229025

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