Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech has been accepting admission applications for the next academic year since November 2018. In the first three months, almost 300 people applied for our Bachelor and Master programmes.

Hendrik Voll, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of TalTech, explained that TalTech is the first university in Estonia to give prospective students the opportunity to submit admission applications throughout the year. "Students are more interested in early admission than we had expected – more than 200 people have already applied for our Bachelor’s studies and over 70 for our Master’s studies. We have already accepted most of those who have graduated earlier and most of them have already confirmed that they will come to study at TalTech," said Voll.

The most popular Bachelor’s programmes are the development of IT systems, informatics, applied economics, and business. The most popular Master’s programmes are building design and construction management, business finance and accounting, management and marketing, and buildings and facilities.

For Voll, the most positive fact is that 20% of the usual number of admissible students have shown interest in some educational programmes which have not been very popular so far. "In general, we could put together about 25% of the programmes on the basis of the applications we received today," he said.

"Almost half of the applicants have not graduated from high school or taken the state examinations necessary for admission yet. They are currently conditional applicants and as soon as the exam results are known and they have met the threshold of TalTech, they will be considered to be accepted by the university," Voll explained. According to him, it provides young people with certainty about the future and means they have to worry less in the summer, when the admission periods for other universities begin.

The Open Doors Day, which will take place on 26 February, will offer an excellent opportunity to learn about the learning opportunities of TalTech. Participants will get an overview of all university study programmes, and they can participate in workshops and explore the university campus. Everyone who has already found a suitable programme or finds one at the Open Doors Day can also submit an application on the spot. Applications can also be submitted through the admission information system SAIS.

Important dates

26 February: Open Doors Day at TalTech.
11–24 March: second period of admission tests (registration on the TalTech website).
29 April – 5 May: third period of admission tests (registration on the TalTech website).
17–25 June at 12 p.m.: registration for entrance examinations in Estonian and mathematics (applying for Bachelor’s studies).
25 June: consultations on entrance examinations in mathematics (pre-registration required on the TalTech website).
26 June: entrance examination in mathematics in Tallinn, Kohtla-Järve, and Kuressaare (pre-registration required on the TalTech website).
27 June: Estonian language entrance examination in Tallinn for those who have not taken (or whose result is below the threshold) the state exam in Estonian language or Estonian as a second language (pre-registration required on the TalTech website).
25 June – 4 July: submission of applications and documents at TalTech on site and in the admission information system SAIS. On 4 July, the submission of applications will be closed at 12 p.m. in the SAIS environment and on the spot.
6–10 July: the fourth period of admission tests (for applying for Bachelor’s studies).
9–10 July: the fourth period of admission tests (for applying for Master’s studies).
15 July: deadline for confirming studying at the chosen university in SAIS.
26 August: first study week for first year students.