Tallinn University of Technology

A new XR centre specialized in virtual and augmented reality technologies has opened in Mektory for the students and lecturers of TalTech.

Andres Ääremaa, head of the XR centre | Photo: Heiki Laan

The Mektory XR centre allows people to get an overview of XR technologies, use the newest hard- and software (including different ready-made applications) for work, and carry out various projects that cover these technologies.

We also offer consultations for companies and help to carry out different projects using XR solutions, and if needed, we can help with finding external project partners in Estonia and abroad. It is possible to host different events in the centre, and we offer courses and workshops according to the wishes of our clients.

For lecturers, we also offer the opportunity to invite representatives of the centre to speak about XR technologies in lectures and introduce their uses for different specialties. We offer the opportunity to integrate the topics of virtual and augmented reality with learning, and we organize several workshops and seminars.

There are four workspaces, an open nine-seat laboratory for bigger projects, and a 27-seat computer classroom in the centre available to those who are interested. Every room is equipped with computers with high-performance graphics cards. For headgear, Microsoft Hololens2, Varjo VR-2, Valve Index, and many others are available for use in the centre. It is also possible to use and lend portable VR devices (Oculus Quest) and 360°-cameras.

What XR?

The internationally used umbrella term XR includes virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. XR technologies have evolved very quickly in recent years and found their place in engineering, manufacturing, and the offering of various services. Joint work with construction models, 3D-modeling, using context-based instructions and extra layers, and different virtual simulations are just some examples of the uses of XR technologies. Among others, Facebook, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have invested billions in XR technologies.

Come check it out!

We await companies, students, and lecturers to peek into the exciting world of virtual and augmented reality. Contact us at xr@taltech.ee, on the phone at +372 513 0992, or visit us on floor 0 of Mektory, Raja 15.

We ask that students reserve a workspace in advance when visiting the centre by writing to info@mektory.ee.