Tallinn University of Technology

Estonia's first self-driving vehicle is evolving at full speed and is about to get a new design and interior. TalTech’s iseAuto v2.0 will soon have a sharper, more eye-catching, and memorable design, and both software and hardware will be significantly upgraded.

TalTechi iseAuto v2.0

You can check out the new design here.

TalTech’s iseAuto v2.0 will also have a more functional design. The shape and functionality of lights, doors, and other external elements, will be changed significantly, enhancing the requirements for self-driving minibuses that arise from the Smart City concept.  

TalTech professor Raivo Sell emphasised: “We have done a lot of work in software development, where more complex self-driving functions are being implemented, and we are also developing human-machine communication. The new vehicle will be smarter, more passenger and pedestrian friendly, and more eye-catching. TalTech’s iseAuto v2.0 is a result of development in research and engineering by many doctoral students in the autonomous vehicle research group.” 

Sell added that the new iseAuto is part of TalTech’s Smart City developments in the future mobility project and a shining example of the green revolution.