Tallinn University of Technology

Internationally renowned particle physicist and serial entrepreneur Graham Boyd, speaks in a brief video interview given to Tallinn University of Technology about the new economic system, where all stakeholders, not only investors, need to be involved in the management of companies, and where all types of capital need to be nurtured.

Graham Boyd

Boyd argues that it is important for start-ups to be both collaborative and competitive, driven by all stakeholder groups working closely together, not only investors. ‘Companies should nurture all types of capital, taking into account the laws of physics, mathematics and biology,’ he believes. Looking back in history, Boyd highlights similarities between the new model and the Hanseatic League's system of town guilds, illustrating his argument with a colourful example of Procter & Gamble's long-term economic success.

Graham Boyd recently gave a public lecture at Tallinn University of Technology on future capital and new economies together with the innovation financier and molecular biologist Killu Tõugu Sanborn, and visionary strategist and company founder Jordan Nicholas Sukut. The discussion addressed, among other things, the boiling point of capital growth, but also the need to change business and capital flow, governance and society.

See also the photo gallery of the lecture.

The two-hour lecture, which was moderated by Maarja Kruusmaa, Vice Rector for Research at Tallinn University of Technology, is also available on catch-up TV.