Tallinn University of Technology

Teamsport.ee presents: TalTech Rector's Cup night basketball and night volleyball, which took place on the 4th and 5h of November, had in total 24 teams with nearly 140 athletes. Major changes have also taken place in the Rector's cup scoring table.

On Friday evening the 4th of November, 11 basketball teams started their journey to win the night tournament.  TalTech researchers (Professor Martin Eerme, Senior Researcher Madis Ratassepp, Researcher Maarjus Kirs and Researcher Mirko Mustonen) from the "KAPA" team took home the victory with incredibly high shooting efficiency. In addition to the Teamsport awards, KAPA men also got the right to represent the Technical University in 3x3 basketball at Ylipall.

The silver medal was won by the team "ITÜK 76ers" (Ragnar Kramm, Arne Antov, Uku Sõrmus, Robin Nook), who shot themselves into the final with a 2-point shot (behind the three-point line) with an off-the-backboard-shot in overtime.

"Team Erasmus" (Diego del Rio, Leo Di Nino, Sebastian Fenn) managed to reach to the third place by the end. They ended the group phase only in third place and had to play a "wild card" mini-tournament to reach the play-offs. 

From left to right: Team Erasmus, KAPA, ITÜK 76ers

The next day, right after Selver/TalTech home game, 13 volleyball teams started their tournament. The group phase alone lasted until 23:30, which meant that in the play off games the teams had to fight not only with their opponents, but also with themselves. The final took place at half past one in the morning and the right to represent TalTech at Ylipall was won by team "VK MuuMuu" (Wiljar Lobjakas, Merilyn Pähkel, Raino Marten Rammo, Renate Hinno, Ken Lilloja, Nelle Kasemaa, Karlis Mesila, Väle Võlma). The team was also the heavy favorite to win it all right from the beginning. 

Team "69" (Martin Filippov, Meelis Kobin, Violetta Jurkina, Egert Pajor, Elina Liibak, Helena Tull), who lost the first set 0:15 in the finals, still managed to take the game to the decisive set, but the team that had played the whole tournament with six players had no energy reserves left and had to settle for second place in the tournament.

The team "Majandusteaduskonna naised ja sõbrad" (Merli Reidolf, Kerli Onno, Mariliis Trei, Rait Käbin, Allan Niidu, Kalle Kilk, Siim Lomp) took the honorable third place.

From left to right: Majandusteaduskonna naised ja sõbrad, VK MuuMuu, 69

Rector's cup points

Since Rector's Cup competition points can be earned by the best team of each faculty (and if they have all members from one faculty) the faculties earned points from the night tournaments as follows:

Night basketball

  • School of Engineering - 120p (KAPA)

  • School of IT - 100p (ITÜK 76ers)

  • School of Business and Governance - 80p (Rahaloopijad)

  • Maritime Academy - 70p (Tüürimehed)

  • School of Science - 0p

Night volleyball

  • School of IT - 120p (Tiimi Nimi)

  • School of Business and Governance - 100p (Pimepankurid)

  • School of Engineering - 80p (Susmoment)

  • Maritime Academy - 70p (Võrgumõmmid)

  • School of Science - 0p

Rector's cup standings

The overall score has also been changed from the previous stage (guiz), where the two teams were equal in all aspects (IT and engineer share the points for 2nd-3rd place).

I place: School of IT (416p)

II place: School of Engineering (402p)

III place: Maritime Academy (380p)

IV place: School of Business and Governance (320p)

V place: School of Science (102p)

As previously announced, the activity points will be added retrospectively in November 2022, when this year's university membership statistics will be officially published.