Tallinn University of Technology

The team of TalTech’s Centre of Climate Smart Future is pleased to announce that as of 9 May, you can now cover the last kilometre along the route to and from Nõmme railway station on an electric scooter. Previously, there was no virtual map open to rental scooters connecting this corridor. In addition, Bolt has opened a corridor from Nõmme to Hiiu station along Pärnu maantee. This corridor was opened in collaboration with TalTech’s Centre of Climate Smart Future, Nõmme District Government, and local scooter-sharing companies.


The gradual transition of current modes of transport towards more environment-friendly solutions is a central part of efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of the university’s staff and students. In light of this, the small team of TalTech’s Centre of Climate Smart Future has been seeking smart solutions. Rail transport can be one such environmentally friendly mode of transport for commuting to and from the university, Tehnopol, and even the soon-to-be-opened Mustamäe State Gymnasium.