Tallinn University of Technology

Professor Susanne Durst co-authored the freshly published book "Crisis Management for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)", which provides a comprehensive introduction to crisis management and leadership in SMEs, as well as methods, approaches and cases in the context of different crises.

Susanne Durst portree
Susanne Durst

Susanne Durst is a full professor at the Department of Business Administration, Tallinn University of Technology.

The coronavirus came suddenly and unexpectedly. Yet we can already see its worrying impact on organisations in terms of short-term staffing, applications for public subsidies and even the first closures. The current outbreak of the coronavirus has shown us all how vulnerable organisations, especially smaller businesses, are.

Among others, the book includes articles by several researchers, lecturers and doctoral students at the Department of Business Administration, such as Aive Pevkur, Tarmo Koppel, Marina Järvis, Karin Reinhold, Wolfgang Dieter Gerstlberger and Jana Peterson. The authors also guide the reader to resources beyond the book, including an online “Crisis Toolkit” comprised of material such as further publications, crisis management blueprints, guidelines, checklists, and company cases on crisis management-related issues.

You can purchase the book here