Tallinn University of Technology

Starting Monday, December 14, TalTech will implement the red risk scenario. This means that learning will be fully transferred to distance (except exams and personal consultations), the staff should prefer working from a distance by agreement with the head of the unit.


Starting Monday, December 14, until the beginning of the new year (unless the government decides differently), we will implement distance learning for all study programs.

Organizing exams, assessments, tests, personal consultations, and practical learning is allowed in the university, but all safety measured must be followed: people coming to the university have to be healthy and cannot be in self-isolation. Please follow the 2+2 rule, disinfect your hands, and wear a mask.

Implementing the 2+2 rule in auditoriums: students are sitting alone at double and triple tables in a chess pattern. In the case of long rows, there are two empty seats between two people, students are sitting in every other row, one row in between is empty.

Exam times can be found in ÕIS. If the time or organization of an exam is changed, students must be notified, and the change has to be formalized in ÕIS.

If a student is in self-isolation or sick during the exam or assessment time, we ask the student to contact the professor and find a suitable solution for taking the exam or assessment.

Work organization

Employees are allowed to work from home in coordination with a direct manager. The worker has to be accessible while working from a distance, and landlines have to be redirected to mobile phones.

It is recommended to organize work meetings using electronic channels. If this is not possible, physical meetings are also allowed, but these have to be organized in sufficiently large rooms where the 2+2 rule can be followed, and hands can be disinfected. Wearing a mask is mandatory.

The university library will remain open, but one must take into account the imposed restrictions.

Contact-free individual activities and trainings can be performed in the sports building. Restrictions do not apply to professional athletes.

See instructions for action in the red risk scenario.