Tallinn University of Technology

Already for the second time, the Seiklushunt orienteering Wednesday visited Tartu College. Altogether 487 orienteering fans challenged themselves throughout the day. Helle Hallik, the programme director of telematics and smart systems shared her thoughts on the day. 

Tartu kolledži orienteerumispäevak

Many people took part from the orienteering- young and old. The team could make their start from 15:00-18:30 and the last participants had to use a flashlight to get around the track. The track was categorized in four different levels of difficulty- the easiest one was meant for the youngest participants and the track ran mainly around the College itself. The harder tracks went all the way to Estonian National Museum and tartu Song Festival Museum. Furthermore, on the harder and longer tracks, the teams also had to do a little hill climb. 

Our team chose to do a 5,2km track with 17 checkpoints. It took us over an hour the finish the track and many checkpoints offered us the joy of discovery as well. 

Many employees of the college have already grown the accustom to do orienteering on Wednesdays- healthy mind in a healthy body.