Tallinn University of Technology

An outdoor gym has been opened to the public on TalTech’s campus, in the park/forest at Ehitajate tee 5.

Juulius Tipikas TalTechi välijõusaalis

Engel-Mari Mölder, TalTech’s Student Union board member for student life, stated the following: ‘TalTech puts a great deal of effort into supporting active lifestyles. Only a short distance away, we have the university fitness centre, the Nõmme–Harku forest trails, a basketball court, and a stadium. Over the past year, diverse options for exercise in fresh air have become increasingly important, which is why the Student Council decided to contribute to these efforts with its own gift to our students and university staff for the promotion of healthy lifestyles, and invites everyone to actively use the outdoor gym!’

The outdoor gym covers a 10 x 10 m area and includes a bench press rack, a rowing machine, parallel bars, a ‘rider’ bench, and a pull-up bar. The outdoor gym is located in the park at Ehitajate tee 5 – between the stadium and the basketball court – and is the perfect next stop after a relaxing stroll through the forest or a game of basketball.

The outdoor gym is a gift from the university’s Student Council for the 100th anniversary of TalTech’s Student Union. It is intended for use by everyone, including TalTech’s students and staff as well as other fitness enthusiasts.