Tallinn University of Technology

Austrian architect Dr. Fabian Dembski became professor of digitized participatory city planning at the Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies in February.


Dembski defended his PhD in TU Wien. The topic of his PhD is related to the development of the city of Paris. Recently he has been working in the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) in Germany, where digital twins of cities are applied in simulations and participatory processes.

At TalTech, he will be the project manager of the GreenTwins project, which connects to the Smart City Challenge idea competition and collaboration between TalTech and Aalto University as well as the cities of Helsinki and Tallinn. He has great expertise in urban digital twins and mixed-reality applications.

The Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies has also signed a contract with HLRS, which is one of the three units in Germany with a supercomputer.

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