Tallinn University of Technology

The recognitions Quality Deed 2020 & Quality Face 2020 were awarded on the 26th of January at the management conference to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Estonian Association for Quality. The City of the Future Professorship, which was initiated by Mainor AS and operates at TalTech, received the recognition of Quality Deed 2020.

Quality Deed 2020 prize

The City of the Future Professorship, a development by AS Mainor, is the Quality Deed of 2020, and Meelis Kond, the principal of Tallinn 21st School, is the Quality Face of 2020.

Quality Deed is a recognition for a company or organization for an outstanding act in quality made in the course of one year. It can be an innovative solution, integration of management systems, or the introduction of new management methods or approaches. The act is evaluated based on its importance, the process of implementation, and sustainability.

AS Mainor received the recognition of QUALITY DEED 2020 for the development of the City of the Future Professorship.

Mainor AS was behind the idea and initiation of the professorship. The professorship aims to create a better understanding of the developments and management of the future city while keeping in mind the changing trends in mobility, work and lifestyle, economic viability, and quality of life, which are affected by technology. The professorship was brought to life as a collaboration involving AS Mainor, TalTech, AS Technopolis Ülemiste, AS Mainor Ülemiste, the city of Tallinn, AS Ericsson, and AS Telia.

The jury highlighted the comprehensive and innovative approach to advancing education in cooperation with the private and public sectors to solve wider problems that affect significantly more than just the organizations involved.

The recognition of Quality Face is given annually to a person who has significantly helped to advance quality in Estonia. Candidates can be submitted by both individuals and organizations. The jury takes into consideration the year's accomplishments, personal contribution to the advancement of quality, learning experience for others, and skills, knowledge, and attitude.

QUALITY FACE 2020 is the principal of Tallinn 21st school Meelis Kond, an excellent leader in the organization of studies in exceptional circumstances - for a complete solution for the organization of distance learning, partial distance learning, and combined learning. The jury acknowledged his innovative and agile approach and inclusive leadership while managing changes during the Covid-19 crisis.

More information on the contest can be found at www.eaq.ee.