Tallinn University of Technology

Rakett69 Science Studios is now open in Ülemiste City, awaiting visitors of all ages to take part in science competitions – just like in the beloved Estonian television show Rakett69. The Tallinn University of Technology has also set up a studio in the complex.

Rakett69 TalTechi stuudio

At the eponymous studio of the Tallinn University of Technology at Rakett69 Science Studios, visitors can explore analytical mathematics, materials science, robotics, programming, and a number of other sciences. ‘TalTech has produced some of today’s greatest innovators and inventions. Without science, however, they would not exist. Although science is very exciting, young people can be put off when things are explained in too complex a manner. The science studio offers an excellent platform to get young people interested in science and show them what goes on behind the scenes of science,’ said TalTech’s Brand Manager Diana Aljas. She explained that TalTech’s goal is to help popularise science, especially among children and young people, but also, of course, among anyone else who is curious about how the world really works.

According to the head of the centre, Kristi Märtin, Rakett69 Science Studios aims to inspire both children and adults to explore the exciting world of science. ‘While thus far, Rakett69 has only been a television show, now anyone who wishes can try their hand at this exciting science competition,’ Märtin said. ‘Rakett69 Science Studios awaits groups of visitors, who will be given the chance to test their knowledge, intelligence, and teamwork abilities based on a programme adapted to their age group.’

‘The quality of our education determines the quality of our future. That is why understanding nature and technology is always not only useful, but even vital,’ added Aigar Vaigu, one of the architects and founders of Rakett69 Science Studios and the presenter of the TV show Rakett69.

Rakett69 teadusstuudio

Rakett69 Science Studios is open to groups of around 15–30 people, such as classes, company teams, birthday party-goers, and so on. Visitors will participate in competition sessions lasting 2 to 2.5 hours, conducted similarly to the TV show. ‘Anyone aged 7 or above is welcome, there is no upper age limit – we hope that adults, too, love unexpected challenges that enable them to update their existing knowledge and learn new things,’ Märtin noted. Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, the centre is currently only open to groups of students from grades 1 to 4. It will be opening to families on 7 May.

The tasks designed for primary school students visiting Rakett69 Science Studios have been prepared by HK Unicorn Squad, while those for grades 7 to 12 were created by the KVARK team (authors of the tasks used on the Rakett69 television show). All tasks have been thoroughly tested and aligned with national curricula.

Rakett69 teadusstuudio

The centre contains a total of four uniquely designed studios equipped with the necessary equipment, which are also available for other events upon request. Rakett69 Science Studios is also the home of the Rakett69 TV show this season.

The founders of Rakett69 Science Studios are Taavi Kotka (HK Unicorn Squad) and Aigar Vaigu (KVARK), who, while running the television show, came to the conclusion that intelligent research experiments and the gripping world of science should be made accessible to more people than permitted by the TV show alone.

The partners of Rakett69 Science Studios include the University of Tartu and its Science School, the Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, the investment fund Superangel, and the Estonian Research Council.

Rakett69 Science Studios is a visitor centre where groups of visitors can participate in exciting science competitions. The centre is located at Valukoja 12 in the Ülemiste City business park in Tallinn, and is open Mon–Fri 9:00–20:30, Sat–Sun 11:00–18:00.

For additional information, visit www.teadusstuudiod.ee and www.facebook.com/rakett69teadusstuudiod.