Tallinn University of Technology

Raigo Uukkivi, who defended his doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Engineering of Tallinn University of Technology this year, will start working on December 1 as the Director General of the Tax and Customs Board.

Raigo Uukkivi
Raigo Uukkivi

Uukkivi, who held the position of Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, was elected in a public competition. Minister of Finance Keit Pentus-Rosimannus said in a press release that she is pleased that the Tax and Customs Board will have a leader who has proven himself in the Ministry of Finance as a performer of digitalisation and various innovations. ‘The services of the Tax and Customs Board are widely used in e-channels, the IT solutions that enable it are business-critical, and their operation and development need considerable attention,’ said Raigo Uukkivi through the media.

Uukkivi has been working as the Deputy Secretary General for Administrative Policy of the Ministry of Finance since 2017. He is also a member of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Strategy Committee of AS Eesti Energia, a member of the Supervisory Board and a member of the Audit Committee of AS Tallinna Sadam. In 2008–2017, Uukkivi headed the Technical Regulatory Authority, which deals with market organisation and supervision in many business areas.

The aim of his doctoral thesis ‘The effectiveness of economic regulation of network industries: the case of Estonia’ defended at Tallinn University of Technology in 2021 was to find out the effectiveness of economic regulation of network industries on the empirical basis on the example of Estonia. After defending his doctoral degree, Uukkivi began studies in TalTech's master's programme in business finance and accounting.