Tallinn University of Technology

The Real Estate Office  has opened a recreational resting area for students on the first floor of Akadeemia tee 15a building (ICT) in cooperation with the School of IT.

IT-majas on avatud tudengite puhkeala
A recreational resting area for students on the first floor of the School of IT is now open.

According to Georg Logins, the head of the Facilities Management Division, the whole project has been carried out with the idea of ​​reusing as much furniture and other interior design elements as possible. "We have achieved this in full and zero euros have been spent on inventory," said Logins, who noted that all existing furniture had been recycled from university units or had been received as a gift from the National Library of Estonia.

He added that they want to further develop the recreational area based on the idea of ​​re-use and are waiting for suggestions from users.

Sander Plukš, the head of entertainment of the student council of the School of IT, commented that the students have been waiting for the completed recreation area for a long time and there are all the necessary conditions for communication, studying or spending time between lectures. "I believe that the new recreational area will definitely attract students to study and spend more time in the ICT building. Students will certainly gather feedback and ideas on what to do in the new area and how to make the most of the opportunities offered, ”said Plukš.