Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology – with its fresh international short name TalTech – is pleased to reach an important milestone with you. I hope that, in addition to rich knowledge and skills you acquired from the University, you take along the attitude to make the world a better place using our motto mente et manu.

Jaak Aaviksoo

I am pleased that in today's Estonia, your opportunities are wider than ever: many local jobs are waiting for you, but there are more and more chances to work and study further away, to gain new experiences and connections that will enable us to increase the global reach of Estonia in the future.

Along with Estonian students, there are a greater number of foreign students each year among graduates. I hope that in addition to academic knowledge, you also found friends and relationships in Estonia that will help increase opportunities for international cooperation.

In recent years, TalTech has contributed to the modernisation of its operations and adoption of modern technologies. I hope you take some of this mindset with you when you leave.

Once again, congratulations and remember that TalTech in Mustamäe as your alma mater is always there for you.

Academician Jaak Aaviksoo,
TalTech Rector