Tallinn University of Technology

Rector Tiit Land allocated 10,000 euros to the fund intended for the realization of the main prize of the Rector's Cup.

Rektor Tiit Land
Rektor Tiit Land

Looking towards more difficult times ahead, that requires us all to behave with a sustainable mind-set, Rector Tiit Land sees a great need to stick together among ourselves, and to increase the sense of togetherness of the university family. The University of Technology's journey so far, its brilliant achievements, have real value only if they build tomorrow," he said. "That's why we try to see the future in bright colors, to find cheerful moments, even excitement. That's why I announced the competition for the Rector's Cup at the ceremony of the university's 104th anniversary."

The main prize, what all the faculties will compete for, is magnificent - The winning faculty will own a trophy, which will be exhibited in an illuminated glass showcase to the entire university family and guests. In addition, the winning faculty will be given the right to carry out a project of their own choosing, and its organizational part will be supported by our own dear university, both with advice and elbow grease, and creatively and financially.

Each faculty, led by their student council, organizes an idea contest and selects one idea/project by the end of the first week of the spring semester at the latest. If the faculty wins the Rector's Cup, their idea will be implemented in cooperation with the university.

The idea/project of ​​the winning faculty can basically be anything, but it must somehow be useful for the entire university family (renovation of the basketball court near the dormitories, planting thousands of new trees, an awesome party, organizing a seminar, or even inviting a world-famous speaker to our university)

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