Tallinn University of Technology

I wish to thank our people, our staff for the enormous amount of work we have managed to get done together over the last year. Today we have a new Strategic Plan, we have drafted a self-evaluation report for the external assessment. 

The underpinning word in both is "quality", quality in everything we do. What we want to say is that we want to be good at what we do, we do not have to do more than we need to. Let’s rather undertake less but do it well.

New and important activities in our Strategic Plan are the green transition and digital transition. On those two we wish to take the lead, be a research- and evidence-based expert, show to both Estonia and the world what the green transition is all about, what are the actions we should be taking to reach the objectives that have been set. And what may be even more important when it comes to the green transition is to be able to distinguish between green transition and greenwashing. Coming back to quality and the question how to achieve it, we shall achieve it with the help of our people. People are our greatest asset.

In the current period we need to focus more on the organisational culture, on noticing and recognizing people as well as their inclusion in decision making. 

I dare to say that for the first time we have paid more attention in our Strategic Plan on people – our greatest asset. We have several key performance indicators concerning people. For example, gender based professional integration, the visibility of the university, satisfaction. These are the topics that we need to work on hardest in the future. And I am convinced this will result in high quality.