Tallinn University of Technology

The Rector’s Cup darts tournament, which took place in the lobby of the main building of TalTech and in the main building of the Maritime Academy on 24 March, attracted 338 participants. The Maritime Academy took no chances with winning the Rector’s Cup by sending 78 students, staff, and alumni from its ranks to the competition. In addition to the large number of participants, the Maritime Academy also managed to reach first place in the competition standings.

Eesti Dartsi Liidu poolt toodud dartsilauad said reedel palju vatti
Õppeprorektor Hendrik Volli stiilinäide. Taamal paistab ka rahvusvahelise koostöö juht, Reijo Karu.

Before the darts tournament this season, the Rector’s Cup had not broken the 300-participant limit. This is particularly outstanding considering that Fridays are rather quiet at TalTech – many students simply do not have lectures and usually return home the day before.

The simple nature of the darts game was also ideal for anyone who wanted to stretch their legs a bit during lunch or between lectures. The whole participation process took about 1–2 minutes, starting from registration and ending with throwing 9 darts.

The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Hendrik Voll and the Director of the Maritime Academy Roomet Leiger also tried their hand. In a duel between the two, Vice-Rector Voll came out on top, defeating the Director of the Maritime Academy by one point: 120 to 119.

The overall winner was Markus Lepmets (232 points) from the Estonian Maritime Academy, while Karmen Värk from the School of Engineering dominated among women (202 points).

Results of the Rector’s Cup darts tournament and points awarded

Points are awarded to schools as follows:

I place (120p) - Markus Lepmets 232, Maritime Academy

II place (100p) - Karmen Värk 202, Engineering

III place (80p) - Annabel Pingi 200, Business and Governance

IV place (70p) - Ramon Vilde 174, Information Technologies

V place (60p) - Brenda Pent 136, Science

Collected results of the darts tournament can be found HERE

Activity points will be distributed according to the proportion of students of a school as compared to the total number of students at the university as at November 2022. For each participation round, the schools earn points as follows:

  • School of Engineering: 1
  • School of Information Technologies: 1,11
  • School of Business and Governance: 1,46
  • School of Science: 5,65
  • Marytime Academy: 6,15

Overall score of The Rector’s Cup as of 25.03.2023

01 Marytime Academy: 1650,9p

02 School of Engineering: 1077p

03 School of Business and Governance: 885,37p

04 School of Information Technologies: 856,93p

05 School of Science: 693,15p