Tallinn University of Technology

Dear members of Tallinn University of Technology,

This week the first cases of the virus have been identified among the members of our university. Until now, five students have contacted the university and reported of their illness or of being in contact with a virus carrier. None of these cases originated from the university campus. All of these cases will be resolved operationally in close daily cooperation with the Health Board. All cases are currently under control, close contacts have been informed and potential virus carriers have been asked to remain in isolation. We are constantly monitoring the situation. 

As our health is very important to us, I call on all staff and students to be especially careful and attentive to their own health and the health of others. Everyone must follow strictly the hygiene requirements and I would also like to remind you of a few important points that must be kept in mind at the university.

I recommend the lecturers to use all technological solutions to reduce the occupancy load of the auditoriums. The university supports hybrid learning, which combines face-to-face classroom instruction with online activities.

At the moment, the university's IT Services, in cooperation with the Office of Academic Affairs, are increasing video capabilities at the university, and we are also preparing for the spread of the virus, in which case we will have to switch completely over to distance learning.

All employees can consult with their immediate superior on health and safety issues and if possible find ways to work remotely.

Hand cleaning stations are available at the university, and public spaces and auditoriums are currently being cleaned more thoroughly.

People at higher risk from coronavirus are recommended to work remotely and take care of their health.

Employees whose children need attention at home in connection with the prevention of the spread of the virus (e.g. schools or kindergartens carry out distance learning) must agree their work arrangements with their immediate superior and find temporary work solutions.

It is advisable for all employees to use the HOIA mobile app. As a university developing digital technologies in Estonia, we strongly encourage the use of such technological assistants.

The most effective protection against the spread of the virus is still washing your hands frequently and maintaining physical distance from ohers in crowded places. In addition, it is recommended to use a mask or other face protection on the university campus.

Currently the Health Board recommends to impose restrictions on all major events in Tallinn. We should follow the advice as well. It is advisable to cancel or postpone major events, but up to 50% occupancy load may be allowed at events that cannot be cancelled. As regards smaller events, please be especially careful and be sure to provide safety at the highest level.

The Rectorate will discuss issues related to Covid-19 at the meeting on Monday, and at 2 pm we will also give a briefing where you can ask questions. I invite you all to participate actively.

COVID-19 recommendations and tips for acting in different situations.