Tallinn University of Technology

According to the annual survey of the reputation of Estonian universities conducted by the research company Kantar Emor (spring 2021), both the spontaneous awareness of Tallinn University of Technology and its reputation are on a growing trend.


The aggregate index of the university's reputation is 93 (according to the TRI*M methodology) – and the highest that Tallinn University of Technology has ever achieved. For the public sector, 60 is already considered a strong result. Estonian universities significantly exceed this level. The maximum value of the index is 120.

The spontaneous awareness of the University of Technology is 84% (82% in 2020 and 77% in 2019). The awareness is evenly distributed all over Estonia, Tallinn University of Technology is more frequently mentioned by women and the residents of North Estonia. While Estonians continue to consider the University of Tartu to be the most well-known university, Tallinn University of Technology has become the most well known in the eyes of non-Estonians: 85% of the respondents mention Tallinn University of Technology as the first or second remembered university.

Of all the respondents who remembered Tallinn University of Technology as the first or second of the universities operating in Estonia, 39% mentioned the long name, 29% mentioned the short name TalTech and 19% mentioned the abbreviation TUT. Younger respondents mentioned the name TalTech first, namely 52% of 15–19 year olds and 49% of 20–24 year olds.