Tallinn University of Technology

Robotex Ülemiste City is a home for almost 500 companies with tens of thousands of employees and hundreds of visitors. As the city of the future expands more and more, the need for solving the issue of guidance around the city increases.  

The Ülemiste City Kratt challenge, which took place for the first time last year’s Robotex, could not find an ideal solution. Therefore, a chance to create “Kratt”- an artificial intelligence which will guide visitors and permanent residents alike around the city, will be given to new robotics- and AI-savvy teams. The AI is expected to have a “physical form” later on as well.  

“Kratt should be as versatile and talented as possible- it should be able to recognize the language spoken by the visitors, order an elevator, autonomous vehicles, or book rooms.” said Ursel Velve, the Ülemiste City head of innovation.” A speech transcription into text should also be taking place within the physical robot itself, in order for the robot to understand the questions and give out answers. The system is planned to use only in the office buildings of Ülemiste City initially, however the plan is to start using it all over the city, the web, and offer it as a service for other similar cities.” Velve added.  

"Kratt” challenge coordinator, Tauri Sinilaan of Robotex said that the challenge awaits both experienced, professional teams and non-professional enthusiasts. The main criteria in the challenge will be the effectiveness of the team, and combining soft- and hardware into a singular service. Teams that only have either AI or robotics competence are welcomed to join the challenge as well. In this case, Robotex team will try to form teams with different competences. 

The grand prize of the challenge is to pilot the solution at the Öpik building in Ülemiste City for 6 months. If the pilot proves to be succesful, the team will have the right to sell their “creation”. 

The registration is opened until the 31st of October.  

More information on the challenge is found here