Tallinn University of Technology

The Robotex Estonia event will take place online on June 4 thanks to RoboRave and RoboSensei, the US partners of Robotex, and in collaboration with RoboMiku and Elisa Stage from Estonia.


The entire competition day will be broadcasted on Facebook Live and the Elisa Stage platform. The day will be hosted from the Robotex studio, and the competitors will join via the web from their home or school. Competitors can participate in Lego sumo and Lego line following competitions. The online competition means that every competitor has set up either a sumo or line following competition field according to given instructions and is ready on June 4 to compete in real time during a predefined time slot. Anyone can participate or spectate the competitions for free.

Registration for the competition is open on the Robotex website until May 21. In addition, introductory webinars will take place between 24-28 May for those interested.

"As a result of the work done by the biggest organizers in the USA and Estonia, we can finally offer Estonian students an opportunity to compete. This is a contribution of four strong organizations to allow our most clever youths to challenge themselves at the end of the school year for the first time in a while. Through Elisa Stage, it is also possible for everybody to cheer on the teams from their school," commented Ave Laas, the CEO of Robotex.

Sign up for the competition here: https://game.robotex.ee/