Tallinn University of Technology

The School of Business and Governance has introduced a good practice to organise one-day trips for international students in the International Business Administration programme to acquaint them with Estonian companies and the business environment.

This time, the trip to companies in Tallinn and the surrounding area took place on 1 March 2023. It was part of the Business Logistics and Inventory Management course and focused on business logistics, supply chain, automation, and sustainability. Students received an overview of the operations, services, product development, and work processes and development plans in the companies operating in various fields. The companies’ ability to cope with crises was discussed throughout - their challenges and new development opportunities. Sustainability and environmental topics were also discussed, as they are of great interest to young people today.

The first visit was paid to ACE Logistics Estonia,  a logistics company that operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Finland and provides various logistics services worldwide. Students were introduced to the company's development history and plans and had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the "kitchen side" of the company in the terminal and warehouse.

The study tour continued in Tallinna Sadam (the Port of Tallinn), where, in addition to getting an overview of the company's activities, students had an opportunity to visit the new cruise terminal and the rest of the port area. AS Tallinna Sadam is the largest complex of cargo and passenger ports in Estonia, which operates in passenger and cargo transportation, shipping, and real estate.

In Kõu Mobility Group (Tuul, Äike, CoModule and Ampler), students could see the production facility and get an overview of the company's values and activities. They did not miss the chance to test the first, most environmentally friendly e-scooter developed and produced by Estonians.

The TalTech School of Business and Governance would like to thank all the companies that kindly and openly welcomed us and showed the students the essence of entrepreneurship.