Tallinn University of Technology

During the TalTech Senate meeting on the 19th of January, Dr. Ulla Tapaninen was chosen (out of 4 candidates) as the new Shipping Management tenure professor at the Maritime Academy. The other candidates were Dr. Orestis Schinas, Dr. Anja Helena Bask, and Dr. Bekir Sahin.  

The strengths of Dr. Tapaninen were long time work experience and cooperation with shipping companies as well as the public sector in Baltic Sea and in other European regions. She has been able to use her contacts in order to start projects, acquire funding, and develop her research group. She has also been on a similar position in University of Turku.   

The Recruiting Commission consisted of:  

Mihkel Kõrgesaar, Chairman of the Commission 
Roomet Leiger 
Dago Antov 
Abbas Dashtimanesh 
Olli-Pekka Hilmola 
Marju-Triin Pilt 
Anu Johannes 

You can also rewatch the Venia Legendi of all the candidates by clicking on their names: 

Dr. Ulla Tapaninen  
Dr. Bekir Sahin 
Dr. Orestis Schinas  
Dr. Anja Helena Bask