Tallinn University of Technology

The grand Campus Party on the 9th of September at TalTech is the best place for you to meet your former co-students and to organize an alumni reunion.

Vilistlaste kokkutulek

No matter, if you studied at the university this or the last century; whether you graduated TalTech, TTÜ or TPI; or if you don't have any contact with the university nowadays - you will always be the student of Tallinn University of Technology, so come and remind the good old days right in the middle of the fierce events of the Campus Party.

The Campus Party includes an all day long educational and entertaining programme all accross the Mustamäe campus, which is followed by a powerful afterparty at the university main building, the Assembly Hall and the Academicians' Alley. On the stage there will be Estonian top artists: nublu, Terminaator, ivo Linna and Supernova. Further information about the Campus Party can be found here.

Here are six reasons, why to call your former co-students and invite them all to an alumni reunion during the Campus Party.

  • The alumni, who did it on the pervious years, were really satisfied. A lot of former students came to remind their university times and they all had a smile on their face.
  • During the Campus Party, the university provides you help with finding and reserving a suitable room for you, guarantees a coffee table and solves all the other organizational questions. Please let us know about your request and we will help you with the other aspects. You just need to contact your former co-students and come remind the good old days, but as well as plan your future meetings together.
  • When all the jokes from the good old days have been recalled, you can walk around the campus together and it is most likely, that during the campus tours you will go into places, where you didn't get to go during your studies.
  • As the day goes on, you can remind the past times watching the championship of the student organisations of TalTech. It is most likely, that additionally to the university main building and the Academicians' Alley the party takes place also in the dormitory - so go and knock on the door, can you recall, what has changed during the years?
  • At the Inventors' Song and Dance festival all the choirs of the TalTech Cultural Centre, the TalTech BigBand and the Folk Dance Ensemble Kuljus of Tallinn University of Technology will perform. Join the event and sing and dance together with them.
  • At the afterparty, that takes place on 10 000 square metres, you can dance like you used to to during your university years. On the stage will be: nublu, Terminaator, Ivo Linna with Supernova and the best TalTech student DJ-s.

To come to the Campus Party afterparty, all you have to do is to get a ticket from here.

Did you start to like the idea? Act as follows:

  1. Contact your former co-students and tell them about the alumni reunion.
  2. Register your reunion here.
  3. Come to the right place at the right time.
  4. Enjoy your day!
  5. The Campus Party events and the program can be found here.

If you have any further questions, please contact: alumni@taltech.ee.

See you at the Campus Party!