Tallinn University of Technology

On 9 September, Škoda Tallinn gave an electric car to TalTech to allow researchers to test smart solutions in automotive transportation.

According to Raivo Sell, engineering research scientist at TalTech, the research will focus on how vehicles communicate with traffic lights, intersections, and pedestrian crossings. Sell adds, ‘We will also look into the dynamics of electric vehicles as well as self-driving and advanced driver-assistance systems.’

According to Erlend Merila, Sales Director of Škoda Tallinn, Škoda differs from other car brands due to its innovative solutions and simplicity. Merila thinks that cooperating with the engineering researchers of TalTech is highly promising: ‘Together, we can make Škoda’s first fully electric car even smarter and more convenient.’ Merila is giving the engineers free rein to see how far the development of a car can go.

For example, when it is dark, the smart waiting area of the pedestrian crossing in front of Mektory will flash if a pedestrian approaches it. The aim of this solution is to inform drivers of the pedestrian’s wish to cross the street. In addition, TalTech researchers and involved partners are developing solar-powered adaptive sidewalk lighting near the pedestrian crossing.