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The interactive web conference will explore the best ways to raise awareness of smart grid in Europe and how to fully understand the value of the energy transition. The challenges posed by the current transition from a number of perspectives will also be discussed. In the conference, we bring policy makers, industry leaders and university representatives to the stage.

SMAGRINET - Smart Grid Competence Hub

The European Union aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 and significantly more in the coming decades. Achieving such emission reductions will require the wider deployment of smart grids worldwide, increasing grid efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources and consumer control over their energy consumption.

This is where SMAGRINET comes into play.

SMAGRINET started in 2019 and it can be said that it is now ready. TalTech is the project's lead partner and a total of 9 organizations from six EU countries are participating in the project.

But what is SMAGRINET? In short, SMAGRINET is a training center focused on the transfer of knowledge about modern smart grids. The strategic goal of the SMAGRINET project is to train a generation of scientists and engineers with the necessary knowledge to develop, improve and implement new energy technologies to cope with the transition to a smart grid. At the same time, create a competence hub to raise awareness of European universities in the field of energy research, innovation and education by providing the necessary services and to interact with industry, cities, regions and other key players in society. The SMAGRINET Competence Hub brings together smart grid experts, engineers, university students, policy makers and others in a range of activities and develops a number of knowledge acquisition tools for them, including online training courses.

Listen to experts in free webinars and in an annual conference

There are free webinars on SMAGRINET with experts from the field and members of the project consortium. You can stay up-to-date on the webinars via the SMAGRINET website and by joining the newsletter.

Free training courses on smart grid

SMAGRINET has a goal to create a competence hub called POWER O based on the materials and information received from companies, ministries and universities.

Today, it is difficult to predict how the COVID-19 pandemic will turn out in the next few months. However, one aspect is certain about continuing education – in autumn this year, SMAGRINET, in cooperation with TalTech, will start offering online short courses. SMAGRINET is also committed to training the electrical workforce and engineers to help companies become aware of the technical challenges and solutions of a smart grid, European Union strategies and the benefits of machine learning. The training courses are fully online and can be completed safely in an office or home office and at your own pace.

The course covers the following topics:

  • electricity and smart grid context and challenges;
  • electricity network and infrastructure;
  • smart grid information systems;
  • smart grid management strategy;
  • energy policy and economy. 
  • Further information about short courses and registration is available on the SMAGRINET website.

We are always ready to share information about SMAGRINET. Please contact project manager Karl Kull (karl.kull@taltech.ee) for further information.

A smart grid is the future. SMAGRINET makes sure that everyone – general public, engineers, policy makers, industry and universities - is equipped with smart network knowledge!

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