Tallinn University of Technology

In preparation for its 2nd birthday on the 1st of October, the all-in-one Student Portal recorded 57 603 visits in September 2022.


This year brought student.taltech.ee some minor changes regarding the mobile view, general user experience and a more versatile events list. A significant addition was the addition of a new personal filter, enabling students to enter their own appointments to the Student Portal calendar using their TalTech e-mail account.

These updates have brought about a steady and significant increase in the Portal visits numbers. An average user accesses the Student Portal from their mobile phone or using the TalTech app and spends around 5 minutes.

During its first year of use, to aid freshmen a new student’s reminder and library checkouts were introduced and exciting functions were added to the grade point average calculator that now also includes all passed courses and results.

The Portal joins university-wide information regarding studies and important parts of student life, also links to essential systems and platforms. Data is personalised and in addition to the main menu, student data, quick links and chat is divided into the following sections:

  • My Calendar
  • My Library Checkouts
  • Daily Food Menu
  • My Semester Courses
  • My Curriculum
  • New Student’s Reminder
  • Messages
  • News
  • Contacts

The all-in-one Student Portal was launched for the 100th anniversary of the TalTech student body and is celebrating its second birthday on October 1st.